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10 Easy Steps To Prevent Hairfall In Men


Hairfall or skincare content always seems to focus on contemplating the problems often faced by women. Although there is no harm in catering to this group, creators and many companies forget that these conditions aren’t limited to specific genders. 

Men, just like women, often suffer from severe skincare and hair fall issues. That is why this blog will focus on providing you with essential tricks and strategies to help you reverse or control the impacts of severe hair fall in men.

Intrigued to know more about it? Here are some essential things you might want to incorporate into your daily schedule to help you manage extreme hair fall.

Wash, But Mildly

Your primary concern should be identifying the root cause of your hair fall issue. Sometimes continual use of harsh chemicals and irregular diets can be the underlying causes of such health conditions. However, if you prefer to use shampoos daily, be mindful. It means you must be cautious about the chemical ingredients of your shampoo and other hair products used regularly on your scalp and for washing your hair.

Washing your hair daily can make it dry and even cause hair fall. But you can control it if you know the exact ingredients and combination that works wonders for nourishing your scalp and hair. Also, it is crucial to maintain the pH balance of your scalp to the desired amount, making your hair stronger and healthier. 

One of the best ways to do that is using onion and apple cider anti hair fall shampoo. How? It is a fantastic formula that washes your scalp and hair squeaky clean and adequately nourishes and repairs damaged parts. It also strengthens the roots of your hair and facilitates hair growth which is the ultimate goal for your condition. Most essentially, make sure to identify the ingredient list and include apple cider in it to cure hair fall of its root cause.

Did you say medicines?

Men hair fall

Yes, just like your stomach or cough problems, your hair problems also need a doctor and medications. But remember, these aren’t going to cause any severe health issues or side effects. Prolonged treatment by a dermatologist is always more beneficial than aimlessly trying out tricks to fix your hair fall. 

However, the specialists state that there are easy ways to fix this problem. In addition, there are vitamins available in the market that are not only a healthy option and also work incredibly for your hair fall. 

For example, Vitamin A is known for encouraging healthy sebum production in your scalp. On the other hand, Vitamin E is known for promoting blood circulation in the hair, which stimulates productive hair follicles. Finally, vitamin B is known for imparting healthy colour to your hair. So, while investing in that onion and apple cider anti hair fall shampoo, also ensure to consult your dermatologist today.

Protein works for hairfall too

You love to experiment with your food habits. But have you considered including foods for your skin and hair too? Well, proteins are not only essential for your body but also for your hair. So, invest in eating more proteins like meat, soy, fish, or any other kind that can add nutrition to your healthy hair. 

Essential oils, maybe good for hairfall?

If you have been experiencing hair fall for some time now, you might want to try out this unique hack. Essential oils are not only great for your skin but hair too. Simply massage the scalp with the oil for a couple of minutes. It helps in facilitating blood circulation and also helps to keep the follicles remain active. Try adding lavender in sesame oil to prepare the massage oil for your scalp and enjoy the benefits. Remember to be consistent and patient to get the results.

Select your hair care regime wisely

Whether you want to use shampoo daily or thrice a week, selecting your hair care products is the key to good hair. You need to include both onion and apple cider anti hair fall shampoo and an anti-hair fall conditioner in your routine. 

These are highly beneficial to your hair as they clean, nourish, and promote growth without any potential side effects. These are made from natural ingredients that do not cause any harm to your scalp or hair growth. Also, regular use makes your hair soft, silky, and shiny. 

Brushing wet hair-Why?

Did you know that brushing your wet hair is one of the potential causes of hair fall? Yes, when your hair is in wet condition, it is in the weakest state. If you continually brush your hair during that moment, it loosens the roots and causes hair to fall. So, stop brushing your hair after washing your hair. 

Let it dry, and then only proceed with brushing. If you need to brush it, use a wide-toothed comb. Also, gently use your fingers to detangle those strands while wet to decrease hair loss.

Hydration is the key to hair

Your hair, like your skin and body, needs proper hydration. Water makes up 70 percent of your body. No wonder hair fall occurs, especially when the scalp and hair are dehydrated. It requires appropriate lubrication for its proper growth. Water hydrates your body and helps lubricate the hair follicles, stimulating healthy growth. 

Green tea for hair

You have been monitoring your weight and muscle build for quite some time. So, you switched to green tea for better metabolism and detoxification. But what if you could use the same green tea for your hair? 

Surprised? Well, studies show that rubbing green tea in your hair can help you with hair loss. First, brew two bags of green tea in a cup of water and cool it afterwards. Once done, apply it to rinse your hair and correctly wash it after an hour. Practice this habit regularly for either ten days or a week to get positive results.

Juices are not for drinking!

Another interesting thing to try for your hair is rubbing juices like garlic, ginger, or onion on your scalp. You might already have seen some reputed brands launching hair care products enriched with onion extracts. 

That is because onions are known for promoting the healthy growth of hair. Rub any of these juices on your scalp and leave them overnight. Then, use onion and apple cider anti-hair fall shampoo to wash your hair in the morning. Practice regularly for a week to get desired results.

Avoid bad habits to stop hairfall

Smoking and excessive intake of drugs and alcohol are dangerous to your health. And they are severely harmful to your hair too. 

Did you know that smoking can reduce the blood circulation in your scalp and thereby promote hair loss? Yes, no one highlights this fact about such bad habits, but they can drastically cause harm to your skin, body, and hair. So, take an oath to reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to help promote healthy hair growth.

Wrap Up

These are a few ways to start lowering and reversing the harmful effects that cause tremendous hair loss in men. But, most essentially, try testing and finding out the underlying cause driving such changes in your body. 

Whether it is because of those sleepless and stressful nights or long, erratic schedules at the office, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle choices if you want healthy skin and hair. Even medications can be harmful and cause hair falls. 

What are your early symptoms? How are you battling hair loss in your life? Share your thoughts and views about handling hair loss in men.

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