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Fashionable: The Alphabet of Fashion

Preparing to be a fashionista will be your first lesson on the various components of fashion design as a whole.

We are always aware of what fashion to follow. The clothes that are in trend, considering their colour, we decide our fashion in a way that suits you. What exactly is fashion to enable your choice? What exactly happens when a certain colour or a certain type of dress comes in trend? What is the idea behind it, and how to decide whether it will be a discount or not, this is the novelty of today’s young fashion designer Saily Soman who solves many basic questions.

New Year and New Hopes

New year, a new dream, new hope, new resolve, new joy. Like Salad, before the new year starts, we make many resolutions with our mind. This year I will increase my reading, I will learn guitar, I will learn to cook, I will lose weight through regular exercise and dieting .. etc.

It is true that we make so many resolutions, but it is difficult to say what percentage of success we get in fulfilling the resolve we have made in our minds. This year, I have also made a resolution for myself that I want to share with you the study of all aspects of fashion and costume designing in my field, and its past-present and ongoing developments. I will start it from your chair today.

Now the study says that if it is fashion then he must have a course. So your first lesson in getting ready to be a fashionista is going to be about the different elements of fashion design as a whole. These elements are colour, silhouettes, fabric or texture, texture, and surface ornamentation techniques. The unique design of the clothes we wear every day can be said to be a work of art brought together by the elements.

Relation with Fashion and Colours

Relation with Fashion and Colours

While talking about these elements in detail, we will also talk about our relationship and influence with them in our daily life. These factors are constantly changing with time and seasons. That is why fashion trends are changing. Fashion trends are changing just as our way of life and thinking is changing with global social, political, and economic developments.

For example, after the First and Second World Wars, due to the atmosphere of mental, social, and economic stress, people used to wear light and dull clothes till the fifties. Bell-bottom pants from the seventies were replaced by tight-fitting pants by the nineties, according to the times and people’s tastes.

Chronologically, the fashion trend will be a little different than last year. So be it the most visible colours, be it the Tractor colour palette style or the silhouettes or the designs or prints on it. The colour palette is a unique colour scheme that looks year-round. With the onset of cold weather this year and the subsequent arrival of spring, there is a growing trend towards ice-cream pastels.

These types of colours are a little lighter. Lavender, Lilac Pink, Lentil Peach, Ice Blue, Aquamarine Blue, Pistachio Green, Lemon Syrup, Coconut White, etc. Depending on the season, these ice cream pastels will transform into crayon colours. These colours are slightly more vibrant than pastel.

The colours are Cherry Tomato Red, Mango Butter Yellow, Lemon Peel Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Ultra Violet Rose Pink. In addition to the above colours, Agwit, Navy Blue, Denim Blue, Military Green, Sand Beige, and Maroon will be suitable throughout the year. Partywear will include metallic colours. In a way, this year’s colour scheme is constantly changing and looking different.

Silhouettes in Fashion

Silhouettes in Fashion

Then there are Silhouettes, another basic element to discuss. Simply put, the outline that appears when wearing any type of clothing is called a silhouette. This outline resembles the outward appearance of the letters A, V, X, O, and H in ordinary English letters. Normally this year the silhouettes will be from A-line and H-line. When it comes to fitting clothes, everyone prefers a comfortable fit, so formal wear will also include some casual elements.

That is, men will wear a casual round neck or V-neck t-shirt with formal suits and loafer shoes, sneaker shoes more on the feet; Women’s spaghetti one-piece dresses will have the usual fitting, not deep neckline but loose-fitting and high neckline. Almost all malls and shops will have high-waisted pants. Apart from this, square necks, asymmetrical necks, yoke patterns, and puffed shoulder dresses for girls will be more prevalent.

The colour and shape should be followed by the fabric. At number one on this list is washed denim fabric. Washed denim is a type of shedding that appears on your jeans or denim jacket, called washed denim. For women, sheer and translucent shirts, tops, skirts, long gowns, sarees, and skirts made of translucent and light fabrics will be worn more.

These fabrics include Georgette, Chiffon, Tissue, Lace, Nets, and Tulle. The engraving will be of a colour that is close to the fabric or a metallic sequence. Fabric ornaments of fabric ripples, ruffles, and frets will be seen in proper use along with the pattern. ‘Fabric ornamentation’ is a craft made to make a fabric pleasing to the eye. Then it includes fabric dyeing, shading, printing, painting, and sewing. This year too, people will be attracted to handlooms.

Men’s formal wear will feature plaid checks, and striped fabrics, while casual wear will feature Hawaiian printed shirts; Women will prefer black and white polka dots, and Japanese oriental bold floral prints. Cartoon-inspired prints and vibrant colour abstract prints will be a favourite of both.

Trench coats made from transparent vinyl plastic will also be on the table for a while. This was the effect of the basic elements of fashion on this year’s fashion trends. Now that I have taken my resolve seriously, maintaining the same enthusiasm will be the next part to be added to today’s article. Considering all these factors together, we will see how this year’s trendy clothes, apparel, footwear, accessories, jewellery, and other trends will be.

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